Blossom Gap Farm

A Family Farm located in North Louisiana

History and Information

Bull Mastiffs are wonderful companion dogs for people and families. They are a confident, yet docile breed that combines the characteristics of intelligence and reliability combined with a strong willingness to please. This equates into the ultimate family companion and protector. Many have said that a loyal Bullmastiff would find it the highest honor fighting to the death defending your family and property. As they are very loving and yet protective, I believe this statement to be true.


The Bullmastiff is one of the noble breeds. They were originally bred to protect the large holdings and grounds of the Royalty in Europe. Well socialized Bull Mastiffs may be reserved or even friendly to strangers, but they have an uncanny ability to differentiate between friend and foe. Though they are not a breed to start a fight, they will not back down from one, especially if they believe someone they love is in danger. Therefore, it is important to understand that early socialization is important and should continue as a puppy grows.


Bullmastiffs are today bred as companions and guardians. In order to fulfill this capacity, they must be treated as a member of the family, living in the home with their loved ones. Though large, they are well behaved in the house and around family members, quite happy to sleep at your feet or even on your lap if you let them. The Bullmastiff does not thrive tied in a yard away from the family. Bullmastiffs are active out doors, willing to go on walks or hikes and play with the family. However, they are not running dogs and should not be chosen as a jogging mate.


At Blossom Gap Farm, we pride ourselves on our healthy dogs with wonderful temperments.  We have found that owning one of these majestic dogs to be an exciting and fulfilling experience.


Puppy Information


Bullmastiffs grow quickly and even as young puppies they are quite heavy compared to other breeds. If you have a large or giant breed puppy, it is important to not feed him regular puppy food.  Many of these diets are too high in protien and fat, resulting in weigh growth before the muscles and joints can handle it.  This often results in health problems as the dog ages.   With a slower growth rate, your dog will still reach his growth potential, however, it will be at a rate that his bones and joints can keep up with.